Tattoo removal costs are affordable at Laser-Tattoff.

The cost of Laser Tattoo Removal treatments can build up over time, but at Laser-Tattoff, we are dedicated to offering you only the most affordable prices – without forsaking the quality of your treatment.

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Sizing & Pricing
per tattoo removal session

Extra Small: $50*
Small : $125*
Medium: $195*
Large: $295*
X-Large: $375*
Full back $500+*

As tattoos are designed to be permanent fixtures upon your skin and with recent ink technology and professional tattoo artists improving their skills, tattoos can be very difficult to remove.

Only certain machines are capable of removing 100% of the ink and our Quanta Discovery PICO is the only one in Australia powerful enough to do this.

To learn more about the nature of tattoos and how they are removed, call one of our friendly experts at 0432 054 650 or book a FREE consultation.

Latest Quanta Discovery PICO/Sinon Ruby tattoo removal machine and pain free tattoo removal Cryo 6 are used in this laser tattoo removal clinic Sydney.

*For NANO Technology.
For PICO prices please arrange to have a FREE consultation.