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March 24 2019 Posted at 3:57 am

Tattoo Removal Guarantee

We guarantee to remove your tattoo within the quoted number of sessions, or we will remove your tattoo for FREE for the next twelve months.
During your initial consultation, our specialists will determine the likely number of treatments required to completely remove your tattoo, from which we will form your maximum payment guarantee. If any ink remains after you have completed this number, we will continue to treat you for free for a period of 1 year after your last paid session. Please keep in mind that while some tattoos can take as little as 1 to 3 treatments for removal, others will often require between 5 and 10, while in more rare cases up to 15+ sessions have been documented
As tattoos are designed to be permanent fixtures upon your skin and with recent ink technology and professional tattoo artists improving their skills, tattoos can be very difficult to remove.
Only certain machines are capable of removing 100% of the ink and our Quanta Discovery PICO is the only one in Australia powerful enough to do this.
To learn more about the nature of tattoos and how they are removed, call one of our friendly experts at 0432 054 650 or book a FREE consultation.
Latest Quanta Discovery PICO/Sinon Ruby tattoo removal machine and pain free tattoo removal German built Zimmer Cryo 6 are used in this laser tattoo removal clinic Sydney.
*For NANO Technology.
For PICO prices please arrange to have a FREE consultation.Laser-Tattoff Tattoo Removal Campbelltown guarantee to remove your tattoo within the quoted number of sessions, or we will remove your tattoo for FREE for the next twelve months. At Laser-Tattoff Campbelltown we are very proud to offer the 2018 Award winning Quanta Discovery Pico laser. The first dedicated Quanta Discovery Pico tattoo removal clinic in Campbelltown.
Medical grade lasers remove tattoos by delivering specific wavelengths of laser light into the skin in very short bursts of picosecond or nanosecond pulses of energy, creating a shockwave that fragments the ink and allows the body’s immune system to attack and eliminate the dispersed ink particles. The body’s immune system removes the fragmented ink to fade the tattoo. The number of treatments are determined by the laser system used and the person’s immune system response. The laser specialist at Laser-Tattoff Tattoo Removal Sydney are responsible for explaining this process thoroughly during the free consultation. Each expertly trained and accredited laser specialist will assess your skin type and adjust the laser to provide the optimum setting to deliver the results you expect with minimum discomfort.

7 Key Advantages of the Quanta Discovery Pico Laser
Fastest picosecond pulse– 532nm wavelength picosecond and 1064nm wavelength picosecond
High peak power– energy shatters pigment ink into minuscule fragments achieving average tattoo removal in 5-8 treatments
Only True Tri-wavelength Laser System in the world– all 3 wavelengths 1064 nm, 694nm & 532 nm perform in the picosecond range to treat all tattoo colours and skin types
Photo-acoustic Energy– Next to no heat means only 6-8 week treatment interval
Less treatments and less recovery time
Treat fresh tattoos
Less pain than Nanosecond Laser