Our Equipment

What Laser Tattoo Removal Machines do we use?

Our laser tattoo removal machines are the fastest, most powerful three-wavelength laser tattoo removal machines in the world. Our Quanta Discovery PICO and Q-switched Sinon Ruby lasers utilise three wavelengths of light energy to target ink and are capable of removing 100% of ink colors.

The combination of our lasers is the pinnacle in laser tattoo removal machines for tattoo removal, bar-none.

The PICO technology of the two lasers creates the quick energy pulses necessary for safe treatments. The pulses are fired into the skin with a mere picosecond duration, just long enough to heat the unwanted ink and overlook the skin.

Since the skin is unaffected by the energy of the laser, side effects are minimized and treatment efficacy is increased.

The multiple wavelengths of the Quanta Discovery PICO and the Alma Sinon – 1064nm, 532nm, and 694nm – together to offer treatment for the widest array of ink colors. Pigments from a complete range of the color spectrum can be effectively treated – turquoise and lime green included.

We use the ONLY Quanta Discovery PICO in Australia.