About Us

Laser Tattoo Removal Campbelltown.

I established our laser tattoo removal Campbelltown clinic over seven years ago.
I initially trained in health and later in laser tattoo removal.
We were the first laser tattoo removal Campbelltown clinic to operate within Sydney’s South Western area.
I am  passionate about the service we provide and I constantly educate myself and others on the latest tattoo removal procedures.

How Did We Do This

Firstly I  travelled the world to meet with the some of the worlds most trusted dermatologists.
These doctors had performed thousands of tattoo removal treatments.
Secondly we collated these results.
Thirdly I  surveyed people within Sydney’s South West that had a tattoo.
The results concluded that almost 60% of people surveyed were not happy with their tattoo.
Because of this, a hard-working, dutiful, enthusiastic laser tattoo removal Campbelltown team was formed.
We care about providing a first class service.

Listed Below Are Our Survey Results:

The tattoo’s are old fashioned.
Name of a person they were no longer with.
Skills/talents of tattoo artists had improved.
Wanted their tattoo lightened and another tattoo placed over the top of the old tattoo.

In Conclusion

We realised that there was a gap for a talented tattoo removal specialist, who could competently use laser equipment.
I successfully gained a distinction in laser tattoo removal, the highest award possible.
Continuing to develop I regularly update my qualifications and take part in professional learning.


These two pictures of a black tattoo show the remarkable differences of the work our laser achieves