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July 8 2019 Posted at 4:03 am

Tattoo Regret

Tattoo Regret
As a result, You are Between the Ages of 18 and 21. An example of this is roughly 37 percent of people who regret their tattoos got their unwanted ink between those ages.
Consequently another 20 percent were aged 22 to 25.
However once you hit 26, the evidence or this suggests the likelihood of regretting your tattoo falls into the single digits.

To begin with our owner decided to train in health and later laser tattoo removal.
As a result, we became the first laser tattoo removal clinic to operate within this area.
Above all, our team are passionate about the service we provide.
With this in mind our staff are constantly educating themselves and others on the latest tattoo removal procedures to ensure that we provide the best service possible to our clients.

To gain knowledge we travelled to meet with the some of the worlds most trusted doctors.
These doctors had performed thousands of treatments using lasers to remove tattoo pigment.
With this information we surveyed our local area.
Below are the results from some of the data collected:
Firstly, we found a large number of people who had a tattoo that they regretted and wanted removed.
Secondly, there was a group of people that wanted their tattoos lightened, so that new tattoo could be placed over the top.
Thirdly, there was a group of people with a tattoo that had a name of a person, they were no longer with.
In conclusion, we found a gap in the market for a laser tattoo removal clinic. In addition we further updated our qualifications in Sydney, and in Melbourne.

The 2017 Award Winning Pico Laser

All technology improves, for example look at the changes to your computer or mobile phone over the past ten years.
Therefore, it gets quicker and better doing what it is supposed to do.
In conclusion, this is whats happening with todays lasers, presently we have the quickest, most powerful laser on the market.
It must be remembered that this will change?
On the positive side we will continue to update our equipment and knowledge to best service our clients.