How to prepare for treatment

Treatment Preparation
After Your Treatment

Treatment Preparation

How to prepare for treatment – Laser Tattoo Removal Campbelltown.

Make ready the therapy area by means of:

Before arriving at our laser tattoo removal clinic, below is how to prepare for treatment.

It is important that you adhere to the following guidelines as to ensure optimal results.

If the area that is to be treated is hairy. Shave that area as this will prevent the hair from being burnt.

Make sure the tattoo and the surrounding areas are clean. We will clean the area with a medical grade alcohol swab before treatment, but it will help the laser technician if you prepare a clean area before treatment.

I will send you a confirmation SMS to remind you of your appointment normally 24 hours prior to your treatment.

After Treatment

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How to prepare for treatment
If your tattoo is situated on the lower back or other areas commonly in contact with clothing, attempt to wear loose, comfortable fitting pants (etc.) as the area treated will be highly sensitive for the next few days afterwards.

(The area will be dressed with a sterile non-adherent dressing after treatment)

Do not go swimming/spa’s or submerge the treated area in water for the first three days.

You will need to change your sterile non-adherent dressing every few days.

You will need to apply anti-septic cream such as Bepanthen regularly.

It is important to keep the treated area out of the sun at all times during the tattoo removal process. If this is not possible, remember to apply the strongest sunscreen to the treated area (30+).