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laser tattoo removal

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Are you considering

laser tattoo removal

?Free consultation
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About Us

Laser Tattoo Removal Campbelltown guarantees to remove your tattoo within the quoted number of treatments.
As a result, if we do not we will remove your tattoo for FREE for the next twelve months.
The main reason I can offer this is because we operate with the world’s best laser. Hence we are confident that we can remove all of your ink.
Furthermore, our business was the first laser tattoo removal clinic in the area.
In short we complete more tattoo removal treatments than any other clinic in our area using the Quanta Discovery PICO laser.
In conclusion, our team members are hard-working, keen and respectful. Providing a first class service for all our clients.
Most noteworthy we pride ourselves on our core values, which are:

Reputation, Education and Results.

To begin with our clinic has worked within the local area, for over seven years.
As a result, we have invested in the best laser available.
For instance, our laser won the 2017 best/most powerful laser in the world.
Thus we are committed to remaining above all, one of Sydney’s best laser tattoo removal clinics.
For this reason it is therefore important to us that we provide our clients with the best information.
This is offered by means of a free, no obligation consultation.
Above all, our staff will guide you through the removal process.
In addition to answering all of your questions.
The movies below shows the power from our Quanta Discovery Pico laser, 5th treatment, top video and 1st treatment on the movie below. Still only using a fraction of the potential energy needed to remove these tattoos.

The pictures below show the changes that happen during the laser removal process, one of our customers was so happy with his results that he sent us a picture of his hands to compare the difference.



Our Qualifications:

Laser Safety Officer

Laser Classifications
Laser and Optical Radiation Bioeffects
Non – Direct Beam Hazards
Laser Control and Methods
Standards and Reporting
Laser Safety Officer Duties.

Awarded the Distinction of Certified Laser Specialist by New Look Laser College Houston Texas

Training in Laser Physics
Skin Assessment, Anatomy & Physiology
Laser Safety
Risk Factors & Aftercare
Extensive Hands – On Training and Coaching.

Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal Training

Non-Ablative Laser Tattoo
Removal of ink using 1064nm, 694nm and 532nm Q – Switched Nd:Yag Lasers.

Laser Safety Component

Course in Intense Pulsed Light for Hair Reduction.
Nationally Recognised Training:

  • 91378NSW 1
  • 91378NSW 2
  • 91378NSW 3

How it Works

An artist’s impression of before and after standard laser removal treatment.

How It Works:

Tattoo Removal Solutions Campbelltown

First of all, our Sydney laser tattoo removal clinic offers an effective solution to your unwanted tattoos.
In conclusion, the treatment is a simple outpatient procedure.
Above all, the aim is to fit this easily into your busy schedule.

For the most part laser tattoo removal works by focusing laser energy to break up the ink in your tattoo.
As a result, shattering the ink into tiny fragments.
Thus, allowing your body to remove more ink in a shorter time frame.

Consequently an average tattoo takes 3 to 10 treatments to remove completely.
However the number of treatments depends on the age, colour and quality of ink.
Also as a rule, technique used to create the tattoo.

Side Effects

As a result of laser treatments, side effects may happen, for instance:

  • Hypo-pigmentation (Skin Lightening)
  • Hyper-pigmentation (Skin Darkening)
    In addition, from time to time you may experience redness, tenderness, swelling, blistering, scabs and bruising of the skin.
    However the skin often returns back to normal shortly after.Importantly, in comparison to other lasers, our laser performs treatments quicker and with less heat.
    In conclusion, making our laser a good choice for tattoo removal.
    As a result your skin is rarely broken.
    Consequently some swelling and sensitivity is common.
    Conversely, your skin may take ten-fourteen days to return to normal.

    Hence, laser removal is the safest and easiest way to remove unwanted ink.

    Laser Clinic Narellan

    Premium Tattoo Removal in Campbelltown, Camden and Narellan

    In summary the treatment benefits of our laser are:

    • High Power = Faster Removal Results
    • Short Pulse Duration = Minimised Pain and Side Effects
    • High Repetition Rate = Faster Treatment Times
    • Even Energy Application = Safe for All Skin Types
    • Triple Wavelengths = Treats All Colours

    Discovery Pico Technology

    Evidently we have the best laser in the world.
    Most noteworthy is that our laser represents the second generation of picosecond lasers.
    Furthermore our laser delivers the highest level of peak power through ultrashort pulses.
    Hence our laser is twice more powerful than any other laser that is used for medical applications.
    Therefore this has improved our treatment results.

    694nm Ruby Laser Technology

    Our Discovery PICO/Alma Sinon Ruby Lasers by Quanta is designed specifically for tattoo removal – meaning that YOU get the best results.

    For instance here at our clinic we can remove a wide range of ink colours.
    More importantly, unlike other lasers we can use three different wavelengths (1064nm, 532nm and 694nm) of light to remove your ink.
    Equally important to us is, despite tattoos being permanent we can remove your ink.


    Laser-Tattoff treatment

    Picosecond Effect

    As a result our laser generates a pure photo-acoustic effect to shatter inks and pigmentations leaving the surrounding tissues unharmed.
    Hence, thanks to its shorter pulse duration and high peak power our laser can effectively shatter even the deepest skin pigments and large spots.


The number of treatments is
dependent on a range of factors:
  • Age of tattoo
  • Colour
  • Ink used
  • Professional vs. amateur
  • After care treatments



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