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Sydney's Most Trusted Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic

About Us

Sydney’s Most Trusted Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic.

Sydney’s Most Trusted Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic.
Firstly, Laser Tattoo Removal Narellan guarantees to remove your tattoo.
The main reason our clinic can offer this is because we operate with the world’s best laser.
Voted the world’s best laser and the most powerful Pico laser.
Quanta Discovery PICO laser.
In brief, our pico tattoo removal Narellan staff are confident that all of your ink can be removed.
Furthermore, our business was the first dedicated laser tattoo removal clinic in the area.
Thirdly, our team members are hard-working, keen and respectful.
Providing a first class service for all our clients.
Most noteworthy are our core values:

Reputation, Education and Results.

Sydney’s Most Trusted Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic.

To begin with Laser-Tattoff  Narellan has worked within the local area, for over seven years.
We have built a fantastic reputation within the local community.
I am constantly collaborating with colleagues, ensuring that we are educated to the highest of standards.
To ensure that we provide the best results.
Thus Laser-Tattoff Narellan is committed to remaining above all.
One of Sydney’s best laser tattoo removal clinics in the South West area.
This is the reason we rely on our clients to be our business cards.
In short, we rely on word of mouth referrals, for our advertising.

Free Consultation.

This is offered by means of a free, no obligation consultation.
Above all, our staff will be very happy to guide you through the removal process.
Clearly, this is a decision that you have made to either remove your tattoo.
Or lighten the area so that another tattoo can be applied.
Briefly, we have invested in the world’s best laser, this laser can remove your ink in the quickest of times.
For instance, our laser won the 2017 best/most powerful laser in the world.
Additionally, it still holds this title in 2020.
Our laser specialists are here to answer all of your questions.

To view more examples of our work please visit our instagram page:

The movies below shows the power from our Quanta Discovery Pico laser.

Pictures below show the changes that happen during the laser removal process.
Girl with a black back tattoo before laser tattoo removalLaser Tattoo Removal Campbelltown Sydney's Leading Pico ClinicGirl with a black shoulder tattoo, before laser tattoo removal treatment Laser Tattoo Removal Campbelltown Sydney's Leading Pico ClinicLaser Tattoo OffLaser Tattoo OffAfter laser tattoo removal treatment of a chest tattooA multi coloured tattoo before and afterBefore treatment and after laser tattoo removal treatment of a hand tattoo Laser Tattoo Removal Campbelltown Sydney's Leading Pico ClinicBefore laser tattoo removal treatment of a chest tattoo Laser Tattoo Removal Campbelltown Sydney's Leading Pico Clinic


Having your tattoo removed is a personal decision you might have made to improve the quality of your life. Maybe you need to remove it for a job opportunity, relationship breakup, or personal preference. It’s crucial that you have professionals at a reputable tattoo shop perform your tattoo removal. Laser Tattoff is proud to announce the best tattoo removal in Sydney. We can proudly stand by this statement because of how high of a level our removal services are at. We stand above the rest in the industry because we provide our clients with the following:

Industry Leading Laser Removal

We use only top-of-the-line equipment and machinery to perform our laser tattoo removals. In fact, our lasers have received rewards and recognition for their unbeatable power. That’s the type of machine you want a provider to use in its tattoo removal process because it’s thorough and precise. 

Minimal Scarring and Discomfort

We don’t just remove tattoos. We remove them in a way that’s least invasive and damaging to the client. You can rest assured that you will have only minimal scarring after the procedure, if any. We aim to give all customers the cleanest and most gorgeous tattoo removals so that they can continue their lives without ink in that area. We strive to speed up the healing process so that our clients can return to their everyday lives of happiness, work, and playfulness. You can view our testimonials and look at some of our work to see how grounded we are in professionalism and accuracy. Most of our clients say that we offer the best tattoo removal in Sydney. 

Knowledgeable Tattoo Removal Experts

Our customer service is levels ahead of other companies as well. We appreciate our customers and want each of them to be pleased with the service we provide. We treat each wonderful client as a member of the family and aim to understand his or her wants and desires completely. Our customer service personnel can set appointments and answer general questions about the procedure. More in-depth questions can be answered by one of our dedicated removal experts. 

Free Full-Disclosure Consultations

Another element that we offer that not all tattoo removal experts provide is free consultation. We believe that prospective clients have a right to receive full disclosure and an extensive amount of information before they choose a certain procedure. Therefore, our experts sit with interested parties and explain the process, the cost, the risks, and what to expect when the procedure is done. Then the prospective clients can make an informed decision about whether to continue with our services. No one ever has to feel pressured or obligated to purchase any product or service from us. It’s all about the clients and what puts a smile on their faces. 

Those are just a few reasons to contact Laser Tattoff for the best tattoo removal in Sydney. We urge you to reach out to find out more about the fantastic tattoo removal services that can change your life. 

Our Qualifications:

Laser Safety Officer

Classification of Laser’s
Laser and Optical Radiation Bioeffects
Non – Direct Beam Hazards
Control and Methods
Standards and Reporting
Safety Officer Duties.

Awarded the Distinction of Certified Laser Specialist by New Look Laser College Houston Texas

Training in Laser Physics
Skin Assessment, Anatomy & Physiology
Laser Safety
Risk Factors & Aftercare
Extensive Hands – On Training and Coaching.

Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal Training

Non-Ablative Laser Tattoo
Removal of ink using 1064nm, 694nm and 532nm Pico Lasers.

Laser Safety Component

Course in Intense Pulsed Light for Hair Reduction.
Nationally Recognised Training:

  • 81378NSW 1
  • 91378NSW 2
  • 91378NSW 3

How it Works

An artist’s impression of before and after standard laser removal treatment.

How It Works:

Sydney’s Most Trusted Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic.

Sydney’s Most Trusted Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic.
First of all, our Laser tattoo removal Narellan clinic offers:
An effective solution to your unwanted tattoos.
Leaving your skin clean and scar free.
Most importantly the treatment is a simple outpatient procedure.
Not only, but also the aim is, to fit this easily into your busy schedule.
Without a doubt people in general have become busier.
So we prioritise each individual, getting you back to work or play more quickly.
As a rule our laser causes less trauma and delivers a quicker healing time.

Progress picture using pico laser at our campbelltown clinic

Side Effects

Side effects may happen, for instance:

  • Hypo-pigmentation (Skin Lightening)
  • Hyper-pigmentation (Skin Darkening)
  • Additionally, from time to time you may experience:
  • Redness, tenderness, swelling, blistering, scabs and bruising of the skin.

How It Works

The process of getting a tattoo involves:
Many needles pushing ink down into your dermal layer of your skin.
In the same way that your body tries to force out splinters.
By and large your body will recognise this ink as a foreign object and try to force it out.
Ordinarily the way that the body does this is to send white blood cells. (Macrophages)
Into the area to remove the ink.
Generally speaking the ink is much larger than the white blood cells.
Because of this, your tattoo is permanent.

Pico Tattoo Removal Narellan

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Each pulse of the laser sends light energy into your skin; different wavelengths treat different ink colors.
The light energy safely penetrates your skin and is selectively absorbed by the tattoo ink particles in the skin’s dermis layer.
The ink particles absorb the energy and shatter into tiny fragments.
Once these particles break into smaller pieces, your body’s immune system naturally clears out the ink through the lymphatic system.
As a result, you’ll notice the tattoo lightening and fading in appearance in the weeks following.
With each treatment, more ink particles are shattered until the tattoo is no longer visible.

So, why will it take more than two years to complete? Glad you asked!

Laser tattoo removal is the safest, most effective method for removing unwanted tattoos.
That said, it’s not a one-and-done process.
Depending on the size and depth of the tattoo, the skin type of the patient, and a few other factors, it can take anywhere from four to 10+ sessions for complete removal.
In addition, a minimum of six to eight weeks between sessions gives the immune system time to flush out the shattered ink particles.
This waiting period also gives the skin time to heal and minimizes the risk of permanent damage to the skin.
The Kirby-Desai Scale is a tool used to help determine how many sessions it may take to remove an unwanted tattoo fully.
The scale takes into consideration the following factors that affect the rate of removal:

  • Fitzpatrick skin type
  • Location on the body
  • Tattoo layering (if the tattoo is a cover-up)
  • Amount of ink (vividness of tattoo, type of application)
  • Ink colors
  • Pre-existing scarring

How can Laser-Tattoff help?

The laser technology used makes a huge difference in the success of the laser tattoo removal process.
The Quanta Discovery Pico the most powerful multiwavelength laser on the market.
No other laser can match its high peak power across three wavelengths while producing full-spectrum removal results.
Additionally, across the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe use Quanta Laser tattoo removal technology.
We are the leaders in laser tattoo removal with thousands of treatments, which span over 8 years.

A known fact is, that our Pico laser breaks down your ink into tiny fragments.
Subsequently absorbing the ink particles into the bloodstream.
Consequently being safely passed out of the body.
Furthermore our Pico laser clinic has removed or faded thousands of tattoos.
And, our experience shows us that most tattoos require ten or more treatments.
Different types of ink and colours can take longer to remove.

Our Equipment In Action

Footage from our page shows movies of ink instantly disappearing.
This is water and gasses being heated and temporarily obscuring the tattoo.
However the skin often returns back to normal shortly after.


  • In comparison to other lasers, Pico lasers perform treatments quicker and with less heat.
  • Concluding, making the Quanta Pico laser a good choice for tattoo removal.
  • Accordingly,  your skin is rarely broken.
  • For that reason some swelling and sensitivity is common.
  • Your skin may take ten-fourteen days to return to normal.

Hence, laser removal is the safest and easiest way to remove unwanted ink.

Narellan/Sydney’s Leading Pico Clinic

Premium Tattoo Removal in Campbelltown, Camden and Narellan

Summarising the treatment benefits of a Pico laser are:

  • High Power = Faster Removal Results
  • Short Pulse Duration = Minimised Pain and Side Effects
  • Highest Repetition Rate = Faster Treatment Times
  • Even Energy Application = Safe for All Skin Types
  • Triple Wavelengths = Treats All Colours

Discovery Pico Technology

Evidently Laser-Tattoff have the best laser in the world.
Most noteworthy is that our laser represents the second generation of picosecond lasers.
Furthermore, Quanta Pico lasers deliver the highest level of peak power through ultrashort pulses.
In other words, our laser is twice more powerful than any other laser.
Therefore this has improved our treatment results.

694nm Ruby Laser Technology

Our Discovery PICO by Quanta is designed specifically for tattoo removal.

For instance here at our clinic we can remove a wide range of ink colours.
More importantly, unlike other lasers we can use three different wavelengths to remove your ink.
Equally important to us is, despite tattoos being permanent we can remove your ink.

Three pictures that show the breakdown of ink during laser removal

Picosecond Effect

Picosecond laser’s generate a pure photo-acoustic effect to shatter inks and pigmentations.
Thereupon leaving the surrounding tissues unharmed.
Hence, thanks to its shorter pulse duration together with high peak power.
Laser-Tattoff, Narellan can safely remove your unwanted ink.
Specifically, our laser can shatter even the deepest skin pigments and large spots.

The number of treatments is
dependent on a range of factors:
  • Age of tattoo
  • Colour
  • Ink used
  • Professional vs. amateur
  • After care treatments


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