Tattoo Removal Equipment

What Laser Tattoo Removal Machines do we use?

Tattoo Removal Equipment

Without a doubt, the Quanta Discovery Pico deliver the quickest laser on the market.
Undoubtedly the most powerful three-wavelength laser in the world.
Therefore we are able to use three wavelengths of light energy to remove 100% of ink colours.

To summarise, our laser is the best choice for tattoo removal.
Firstly, Pico lasers create faster energy pulses necessary for safer treatments.
Picosecond pulses carry energy into the dermal layers of the skin.
Heating and fragmenting unwanted ink, overlooking the skin.
Secondly, the top layer of skin is unaffected by the energy of the laser.
Thus, side effects are minimised.

Laser-Tattoff can treat the widest array of ink colours.
We treat, most colours effectively.

Tattoo Removal Equipment

Quanta Discovery Pico Laser

Firstly, I use equipment that has been voted the  most advanced in the world.
Secondly, the Quanta Discovery PICO Laser represents the second generation of picosecond lasers.
Thirdly, new innovation introduced by Quanta is the next level in laser technology.
Thus providing more power than any other Picosecond laser that is used for medical applications.
Therefore as a result it enhances the treatment outcomes.
In conclusion we have invested in the world’s best laser.
Our laser won the 2018 best/most powerful laser in the world.

The only Quanta Discovery Pico Laser in South West Sydney.
We are committed to being one of Sydney’s principal laser tattoo removal providers.
Our staff pride themselves in providing our clients with the most correct and up to date information.
This is offered by means of a free, no obligation consultation.
In short, you will be given the opportunity to ask any further questions.
Subsequently, during this meeting our laser specialists will answer any of your questions.

How it works

The process of getting a tattoo involves:
Many needles push ink into your dermal layer of your skin.
In the same way that your body tries to force out splinters.
By and large your body will recognise this ink as a foreign object and try to force it out.
Ordinarily the way that the body does this is to send white blood cells. (Macrophages)
Into the area to remove the ink.
Generally speaking the ink is much larger than the white blood cells.
Because of this, your tattoo is permanent.

The Process of Removing a Tattoo

A known fact is, that our Pico laser breaks down your ink into tiny particles.
Subsequently carrying the ink particles into the bloodstream.
Safely removing them out of the body.
Furthermore our Pico laser clinic has removed or faded thousands of tattoos.
And, our experience shows us that most tattoos require ten or more treatments.
Different types of ink and colours can take longer to remove.

At Laser Tattoff, we offer laser tattoo removal in Campbelltown. We use laser technology which is highly effective and safe.  

Most people get tattoos with the hope of having them forever. However, things may happen and make them feel that they don’t want to stay with the tattoo anymore. Circumstances may also force someone to remove their tattoos. 

Why Would You Want to Remove a Tattoo?


If you were in a relationship with somebody and hoped that it would somehow work, you can decide to go ahead and get a tattoo of their name. Unfortunately, if you break up, you may decide to remove the tattoo and make it easy to forget them. 

Changing Taste

There are things you might have been fond of when you were younger. Then, you might realise that you have lost interest in them when growing up. If you have a tattoo of such things and you’re no longer interested in them, we can help remove the tattoo.

Career Requirements

Some careers may require you to get rid of tattoos before joining. These may include the military, business, and customer service. You may be lucky if your tattoos are not visible, but if they are, then you’ll have no option but to remove them. 

Do you have a tattoo that is hindering you from getting into your dream career? All is not lost. At Laser Tattoff, we can help remove the tattoo using a safe and almost painless method.

Getting Something New 

If you have a very old tattoo, you might feel like you need to remove and replace it with a new one. We will remove the tattoo for you and create space for another one. We also advise you on what to do to heal faster. 

Poorly Done Tattoos

If you have a tattoo that wasn’t done to your satisfaction, you might want to remove it. Not all tattoo artists are well skilled, and some are not good at specific designs. If your tattoo wasn’t done to your liking, you might consider removing it and getting another one or just stay without it.

Nowadays, tattoos can easily be removed, unlike a few years ago when the process was too complicated, painful, and sometimes unsuccessful. This has been made possible by technological advancements. 

Why Hire Laser Tattoff for Tattoo Removal Services?

At Laser Tattoff, we offer laser tattoo removal in Campbelltown, regardless of why you want to get rid of it. One of the safest methods of removing tattoos is laser treatment, which we use. Laser machines help remove tattoos faster, and they’re safe. After your skin has healed completely, you will look so flawless that somebody else might never know you had a tattoo.

You may require more than one session for the tattoo to be removed, depending on how deep it is into the skin and where its located. We ensure that your tattoo is completely removed and leave your skin flawless. Also, we give you some tips on what to do to heal faster. 

We have vast experience removing tattoos, whether simple or complicated. Contact us for a free consultation on our laser tattoo removal in Campbelltown.

Tattoo Removal Equipment

Tattoo Removal Equipment

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The first clinic to use the Quanta Discovery PICO in Australia.